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Our language school Little POND was founded in 2009. We focus on teaching English, Russian and Czech. Our target group is everyone who wants to learn a foreign language or just improve.
We will help you to gain confidence and to communicate with the world. We specialize in individual courses, where we give you exactly what you want from us. Moreover, in a time that suits you.
Plymouth, England 2014
If there is more of you like a group of friends, family or colleagues, we will offer you a group course. We teach all age groups from preschoolers (methodology adapted to the child's age), schoolchildren, students, preparation for exams and graduation, adults.

We offer:
  • Individual tailored courses
  • Group courses for friends, family or business
  • Methodology for all age groups
  • Preparation for graduation and other tests
Our advantages:
  • We will match exactly your requirements
  • Friendly environment
  • If you're unable to get to our place, we'll get to yours